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The Love of a Sleeper is now available at Amazon.com.  Follow this link to go right to the page.  You can still purchase the book on the Finishing Line site, too.  Or come to one of my readings, and I would be happy to sign a copy for you.  This weekend, for instance, you can catch me at Canio’s Books in Sag Harbor, NY.  (Canio’s is the best bookstore in the world, by the way, and you can order from their website.)

Also, here is another sample poem, for those who want a sneak peek before they buy.  It’s called “Luna Moth.”

Late last night,
after my wife had gone to sleep,
the luna moth
showed me her face.

I dropped below
the dark leaves of the oak.
A world of mites and beetles and grubs
insinuated there, like grass,
under the skin,

and when I turned back to the dark window,
where my wife lay still like a book
closed on a night table,
I saw the life I left.

I cried all night as if
I were a train
moving over dangerous terrain
and filled with sleeping passengers.

And if you’re still interested, there is an article on me and the book in this week’s East Hampton/Southampton Press.


Pre-Publication Sales

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The Love of a Sleeper

The Love of a Sleeper

Finishing Line Press announces the publication of Adam Penna’s “The Love of a Sleeper,” a chapbook of poems.  Release date: November 3rd, 2008.

Pre-publication sales begin August 22nd.  Order before October 3rd, and the book will be shipped free of charge on November 3rd, when the book is released.  To order, go to www.finishinglinepress.com, click on “New Releases and Forthcoming Titles,” and scroll to find the title.  Or click here, and go directly to the “New Releases and Forthcoming Titles” page.  The books are arranged according to the the poet’s last name.

Poet George Held has this to say about “The Love of a Sleeper”:

In these spare, plaintive, nocturnal poems, Adam Penna speaks for those Americans who, no matter how fruitfully employed, happily married, or united with God, know “the company of loss.” If you have ever felt lonely, even in company, these compelling poems will speak to your soul.